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Circuit Court Motions

A motion is a request to the Court to enter an order. Motions are written documents identifying the reasons for the request, and exactly what it is you want the Court to do. A motion fee is due when the motion is filed. All motions must be accompanied by a copy for the judge, the appropriate fee, notice of motion and proof of service. All motions filed in domestic cases must be accompanied by a motion card. Motion cards are no longer required for civil/criminal motions. Motions in domestic cases where minor children are involved must also be accompanied by a copy for the Friend of the Court (“FOC”).

The party filing the motion needs to schedule a hearing date and notify the other party of the date, time, and place of the hearing. View 17th Circuit Court - Judges' Motion Calendar for available motion date and time information.

Before the judge will enter a judgment of divorce in a matter in which the FOC is involved, the Domestic Relations fee must be paid.

Motions may be filed in any type of case:

  • Domestic
  • Civil
  • Criminal

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