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Friend of the Court

Incarcerated Recipient or Payer of Support

If the Friend of the Court learns that a payer of support is detained in a correctional facility after a criminal conviction and sentenced to a term of more than 1 year and is able to receive confirmation of that incarceration, we will propose an order modifying support to $0 if no income or assets are located. If either party objects, a hearing will be set. If the payer has the means to pay support even though incarcerated, we will review the amount of the obligation.  If child support is stopped during incarceration, the order will provide for it to resume upon release.

In addition to reviewing the child support obligation, the Friend of the Court will continue to collect child support or child support arrears whenever possible. We will request entry of an order which would require the Department of Corrections to withhold 50% of all funds over $50.00 received by the prisoner.

If you were incarcerated in the past and the Friend of the Court did not review child support during that incarceration, the Friend of the Court may be able to apply credit to your account under certain circumstances. Incarceration credits through this process apply only to arrearages that are owed back to the State of Michigan, not to the custodial parent. These credits may apply for periods of incarceration after October 1, 1987. You may send a completed Incarceration Credit Letter along with documentation to our office at:

Kent County Friend of the Court
Attn: Legal Department
PO Box 351
Grand Rapids, MI 49501

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Daniel J. Fojtik
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