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Probate Court

Glossary of Court Terms

Conservator - A person appointed by the court to manage the financial affairs of a minor or protected person.

Decedent - A person who has died.

EPIC - Estates and Protected Individuals Code

Fiduciary - A person who have been appointed by another or by the court to manage the personal or financial affairs of another.

Guardian - A person who is appointed by the court to make personal decisions for a minor or legally incapaciated individual.

Intestate - To die without a Will.

SCAO - State Court Administrative Office.

Testate - To die having properly executing a Last Will and Testament.

Trust - A legal entity established by a person to place property owned by that person to manage and dispose of property after death. A trust is established for many reasons ie. tax consequences and avoidance of Probate.

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Probate Court

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Judge David Murkowski

Judge David M. Murkowski
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