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Going to Court - For Kids!

Kent County Courthouse

Photo of Kent County Courthouse

61st District Court
17th Circuit Court Family Court
180 Ottawa N.W.
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

63rd District Court

1950 East Beltline NE
Grand Rapids, MI

59th District Court

Photo of 59th District Court in Grandville
3195 Wilson Avenue SW
Grandville, MI

Photo of 59th District Court in Walker
4243 Remembrance Rd. NW
Walker, MI

62nd District Court

Photo of 62nd District Court in Wyoming
2630 DeHoop SW
Wyoming, MI

Photo of 59th District Court in Kentwood
4740 Walma Ave. SE
Kentwood, MI

Contact Us

Prosecutor's Office

Monday - Friday
8:00am - 5:00pm

Main Office
Criminal & Appeals Division

82 Ionia Avenue NW, Suite 450
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

(616) 632-6710

(616) 632-6714

Christopher R. Becker
Prosecuting Attorney

James K. Benison
Senior Attorney, Appeals Division

Juvenile Division

82 Ionia Avenue NW, Suite 400
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

(616) 632-6658

(616) 632-6664

Vicki L. Seidl / Laura Clifton
Senior Attorney, Juvenile Division

Family Division

82 Ionia Avenue NW, Suite 425
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

(616) 632-6645

(616) 632-6646

Mark A. Vermeer
Senior Attorney

Victim/Witness Unit

180 Ottawa Avenue NW, Suite 5400
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

(616) 632-5400
Toll Free: (877) 451-8115
TDD: (616) 632-5404

(616) 632-5389

Rita Caruth
Victim/Witness Coordinator

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