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In a partnership with Granger Electric, a gas-to-energy system was installed in 2008. 24 wells extract 1,000 standard cubic feet per minute of methane gas from the landfill. The gas is used to power 2 Caterpillar engines. At full capacity these will produce 1.6 megawatts of electricity each - enough to power 2,000 homes. During maintenance outages, a flare burns the methane to prohibit gas from entering the environment.

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Darwin Baas, Director

Kimberly Williams, Finance Director

Molly Sherwood, Environmental Compliance Manager

Dan Rose, Solid Waste Operations Manager

Nic VanderVinne, Resource Recovery & Recycling Manager

Paul Smith, Waste-to-Energy Operations Manager

Kristen Wieland, Marketing & Communications Manager

Alisha Barber, Office Administrator

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