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Department of Public Works

South Kent Landfill

10300 South Kent Drive SW
Byron Center MI 49315
Phone: (616) 877-4192
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Operating Hours:
Monday – Friday 7:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Saturday 7:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
Closed Sunday & holidays

South Kent Landfill South Kent Landfill

Disposal Fees

Unacceptable Waste

Terms of payment: cash, check, or credit card*
*additional 3% convince fee when using a credit card. Visa, MasterCard, and Discover only.


Material Description Rate Per Ton
General Refuse $36.10
Environmental & Safety Fee $0.50
Michigan Surcharge $0.36

Minimum Charges
Unit Minimum Charge *
Car load - trunk only $19.25
Pickup, van or SUV load $29.25
Trailer load (nothing in vehicle) $29.25
Car and trailer loaded $39.25
Truck and trailer loaded $49.25
Tires (up to 42” diameter) **$4.00 each
Large Tires (over 42 - 50” diameter) **$6.00 each
Propane Tanks (20 LB or less) $3.00 each
Propane Tanks (larger than 20 LB) $25.00 each
Appliances (with & without Freon) $20.00 each
Mattress or box spring (as of April 1, 2012) $10.00 each
Consumer Electronics (list of acceptable items) No fee (limit 3 TVs per resident)

*Vehicles which exceed the gross weight limits for their DPW Vehicle Class must leave a deposit, be weighed in and out, and will be charged the minimum charge or the rate per ton, whichever is greater. An estimated deposit is required to cover the cost of the load, no less than $30.

** A rate of $69.71 per ton will be charged for amounts greater than 15 cut tires or thirty pieces.

The South Kent Landfill opened on October 25, 1982. The property is 352 acres, with 150 acres used for landfilling. The landfill will hold 10 million cubic meters of waste and is approximately 57% full. The current estimated closure date is September 2029.

The South Kent Landfill is classified as a Type II Landfill, meaning that only municipal solid waste (MSW) (including non-hazardous household, commercial and industrial waste) is accepted.

The landfill is constructed utilizing a single composite liner system. The liner system consists of 10 feet of naturally occurring clay topped by two feet of compacted clay, a 60-mil HDPE plastic liner and two feet of sand for leachate collection. Solid waste is placed over the sand layer.

Each day approximately 500 tons of refuse is accepted at South Kent Landfill. This is equal to 80-100 trucks dumping per day with each truck carrying approximately 6 tons.

The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) regulates landfills by monitoring litter, erosion and placement of MSW. The South Kent Landfill was constructed in accordance to a MDEQ permit originally issued in 1981 and revised in 1991.

Leachate & Methane Collection

South Kent Landfill generates approximately 30,000 gallons of leachate (liquid passing through refuse) per day. Regulations require that no more than one foot of leachate be present on any portion of the lined area at any time. To control leachate, it is collected and discharged to a publicly owned water treatment facility.

Methane gas is generated by the slow breakdown of waste in the landfill. A landfill gas system went online in 2009 and extracts approximately 1,000 standard cubic feet per minute of landfill gas from 32 3-foot diameter gas wells around South Kent Landfill. Each of the wells is drilled between 45 and 100 feet deep into the landfill. Approximately 50% of the extracted gas is methane which is used to power two Caterpillar engines/turbines. When operating at full capacity these engines will produce 3.2 megawatts of electricity, enough to provide power to approximately 2,700 homes. Producing this green power has the added benefit of removing a large amount of carbon from the air - over 90,000 tons of carbon equivalent per year.

Groundwater Monitoring

Groundwater monitoring at the South Kent Landfill occurs on a quarterly basis. There are 16 monitoring wells that are sampled and tested for organic & inorganic compounds, heavy metals and other field parameters by a certified laboratory. Statistical analysis is completed and compared to established tolerance limits. All data is submitted to the MDEQ for review and approval.

Environmental Programs

Electronics Recycling Program

Individuals can drop off electronic devices at the South Kent Landfill during normal business hours. See the list of electronic items we accept at our household waste guide. Other drop-off sites are located at the North Kent Transfer Station and the Recycling & Education Center. There is no cost for Kent County residents to participate in the Electronics Recycling Program.

The Electronics Recycling Program is for residential electronics recycling only. See our online waste guide for business recycling.

Metal Recovery Program

Appliances and bulky items are accepted for scrap metal recovery. A handling fee is applied to all appliances that covers the cost of Freon removal by a certified contractor (if necessary) and transportation costs to a metal dealer.

Tire Disposal

Clean, whole tires and cut tires can be accepted at the South Kent Landfill. The small disposal fee covers transportation expenses, since whole tires cannot be incorporated into the landfill. A person who transports seven (7) or more scrap tires in any load is required to document where the tires originated.

Household Hazardous Waste Program

Set up an appointment to drop off unwanted household hazardous waste online or call (616) 336-2570. Household Hazardous Waste centers are located in Rockford, Northwest Grand Rapids, Kentwood, and Wyoming. See what materials are accepted and other disposal alternatives on our Household Hazardous Waste webpage. There is no cost for Kent County residents to participate in the Household Hazardous Waste Program.

Battery Collection Program

Household batteries can contain heavy metals and hazardous materials. The Kent County Department of Public Works has battery collection containers at many facilities throughout the county, including the North Kent Transfer Station, to collect household batteries to minimize their harmful effects on the environment.

South Kent Landfill is ISO 14001 Registered

The South Kent Landfill Environmental Management System earned ISO 14001 registration in 2007 from an independent auditor following a voluntary year-long process that included comprehensive preparation and training of landfill employees and Department of Public Works management. The ISO 14001:2004 standard calls for the County to develop and implement policies that continually improve environmental performance. It will also stimulate the creation of new County programs that promote environmental protection and resource conservation, including recycling and environmental monitoring.

South Kent Landfill Environmental Policy

The Kent County Department of Public Works provides solid waste disposal services for Kent County and surrounding communities. The South Kent Landfill is committed to protection of the environment and conservation of natural resources through compliance with laws, prevention of pollution, and continuous improvement.

  • Compliance with laws and regulations will be assured through consistent regulatory audits and ongoing communication with regulatory agencies.
  • Prevention of pollution is achieved through the identification and minimization of any adverse impact on the environment resulting from landfill operations, and by developing environmental programs that promote efficient use of resources.
  • Continuous improvement will be accomplished through ongoing evaluation of environmental performance, in addition to establishment and review of objectives and targets for improvement.

These guiding principles establish goals for environmental responsibility and performance. To ensure continued success, the Kent County Director of Public Works has the responsibility and authority to oversee and implement this policy.

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