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Drain Commissioner

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The storm water that enters my property does not leave the site. Why am I being assessed?

  • I was sent a notice on the assessment for a property I no longer own. What do I do with the notice?

  • How often will I be charged for this drain assessment?

  • My property has a drainage issue. Do I report this issue to the Drain Office and can they assist me in getting it resolved?

  • Why is my assessment so small?

  • Where is my property located within the drainage district?

Contact Us

Drain Commissioner

1500 Scribner Ave NW
Grand Rapids, MI 49504

(616) 632-7910

(616) 632-7915

Ken Yonker
Drain Commissioner


Douglas R. Sporte
Deputy Drain Commissioner

Bradley R. Boomstra, P.E.
Senior Engineer

Angie E. Latvaitis
Civil Engineer

Lani F. Brown
Drain Commissioner Assistant

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