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Laubach Inter-County Drain

The Laubach Inter-County Drain extends from the intersection of Dickinson and 8th Avenue in Ottawa County, and extends southerly to the Intersection of 6 Mile Road and Kenowa Avenue in Kent County. This drain is almost 4 miles long and serves a 4,000 acre watershed as shown on the map.

The Drain Commissioner has the responsibility of maintaining this watercourse and assessing the costs of the maintenance to the landowners within the District.  Although there has been maintenance targeted at specific trouble spots, the last record of maintenance over the entire length was in 1960. At a public hearing on July 13, 2012, it was determined that excavation of the entire drain was the most cost effective solution. The project was let for bid in September, 2012 and completed in December, 2013.

The cost to accomplish this work was approximately $45,000 which will result in an assessment of approximately $11/acre for Kent County landowners. The cost of this assessment will be spread over 3 years, 2014 - 2016.

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