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Employee Recognition For Quality Service

Previously Recognized Employees


Vicki Plowman, 1Q 2017


Steve Bell, 4Q 2016
Charles Dubridge, 3Q 2016
Rachel Jensen, 2Q 2016
Joe Taylor, 1Q 2016


Sam Haglund, 4Q 2015
Kate Dubridge, 3Q 2015
Nicole Minnick, 2Q 2015
Alyssa Price
, 1Q 2015


Lucas (Luke) Wiersma, 4Q 2014
Dolores Howe, 3Q 2014
Scott Dobbins, 2Q 2014
Denise Terpstra, 1Q 2014


Ann Kaiser, 4Q 2013
Brandy Johnson, 4Q 2013
Leslie Drenten, 3Q 2013
Jason Buck, 2Q 2013
Janis Fortier, 1Q 2013


Deputy Michael Tanis, 4Q 2012
Mario Lopez, 3Q 2012
Lupe Anderson, 2Q 2012
Emily Cushway, 1Q 2012


Linda Fink, 4Q 2011
Tracy Kniffen-Oates, 3Q 2011
Jim Svoboda, 2Q 2011
Zorimar Johnson, 1Q 2011


Karen Kennedy, 4Q 2010
Tonya Walkons, 3Q 2010
Michael Miller, 2Q 2010
Julia Hight, 1Q 2010

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"Abraham Lincoln once said: 'With public trust we can do anything.  Without it we can do nothing.' It is in that light that I view public service -- especially at the local level -- as the most honorable of callings."

~Daryl J. Delabbio, County Administrator/Controller

Kent County Administrative
Services Core Values

  • Act with Integrity
  • Serve As a Good Steward of County Resources
  • Provide Quality Service to Internal & External Customers
  • Work Collaboratively
  • Embrace Diversity and Inclusion