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Sheriff Department

Internal Affairs

The Internal Affairs Unit has the responsibility to investigate any complaint against any of it's employees, either sworn or non-sworn. These complaints may originate with citizens, inmates or department personnel. Each complaint is promptly and thoroughly investigated.

It is important to the Kent County Sheriff's Department to maintain an Internal Affairs Unit. This lends credibility to the Sheriff and his administration to withstand any criticism of the integrity of either personnel or administration. The image is also portrayed that the department recognizes that employees are human and may make mistakes and/or violate department policies or procedures. Through these means we are also able to address these problems and render discipline in an appropriate manner.

The type of incidents or cases investigated by this unit may vary from excessive force, sexual harassment, conduct affecting department reputation, racial profiling, and violations of department policies and procedures.

Formal complaints are investigated and a report is made to document the facts and information of the investigation. In addition to these formal complaints, there are minor complaints. These minor or informal complaints are taken for information, or passed along to the appropriate supervisor for information or resolution.

If you wish to file a complaint, please contact:
Lt. Ron Gates
(616) 632-6132

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