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Training Unit

The Kent County Sheriff Department Training Unit houses an indoor green range and a classroom capable of holding 25 students. These are utilized to meet the training requirements of department staff. By utilizing an Indoor Green Firearms Range the department is capable providing state of the art firearms training with out the concerns of heavy metal contamination associated with older indoor ranges that allow lead ammunition to be used in them. The green range also allows us to utilize the range space for Subject Control and TASER Training, as well as any other training that may require a large open indoor space.

Our training classroom, Mock Cell Area and Firearms Range are typically booked months in advance. In addition to our own Law Enforcement, Emergency Management and Corrections Divisions, many outside agencies utilize our state of the art facility. We regularly host training for the FBI, DEA and many countywide police agencies. We have also developed a program in which we exchange training resources with agencies outside of Kent County, thereby reducing expenditures while maximizing available assets.

The Training Unit also utilizes the F.A.T.S. (Firearms Training System) Simulator. This system provides video scenarios that test an officer's ability to make the appropriate use of force decisions. These computer controlled video scenarios are controlled by the instructor to respond to the officers actions.

Training staff also utilizes the Simunitions paint marking cartridges for real time training. These low velocity marking cartridges are fired from specially modified hand guns and allow officers wearing protective equipment to engage role players equipped with similar firearms in “live fire” exercises. As these cartridges leave a tell tale paint splatter it allows instructors to discuss lethal versus non-lethal hits, as well as the proper use of cover and concealment.

Our training staff continues to research the latest technological advancements in training, while maintaining a strong contact with developing legal trends and court decisions. It remains the goal of the Training Unit to provide the best possible training to our officers, which in turn provides the safest achievable environment to the citizens and visitors of Kent County.

Sheriff Training
Sheriff Training
Sheriff Training
Sheriff Training

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