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Mac Office 365 ProPlus Installation Guide

  • Log into the Microsoft Portal by;
    • Clicking on this link - Microsoft Office365 Portal Install
    • Entering your County of Kent's (Note: Do not use your email here. Your USERID is your 6 character username.)
  • The Software tab will open
    • Select Office from the left navigation menu
    • From here you can install the latest version of Office
    • Select your language
    • Click the install button

Install Office 365 ProPlus on your Mac

  • Open the Microsoft Office 2011 installer  (Microsoft Office 2011 is the latest edition)
    • Click the Office Installer button
  • The Install Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 installer will begin
    • Click the Continue button
  • The Software License Agreement screen will open
    • Review the license
    • Click the Continue button
  • A dialogue box will prompt you to agree to the terms of the software license agreement
    • Click the Agree button to continue
  • The Standard Install will begin
    • Click the Install button to continue
  • If there are any applications running that must be closed, the installer will notify you
    • Click the Close Applications and Install button
  • Before the software can be installed, you will be prompted for an admin password 
    • The name of the person logged into the computer will be displayed
    • Enter the password
    • Click the Install Software button
  • The installer will continue
    • Preparing Microsoft Office for Mac 2011.... will be displayed
    • The installer will continue 
      • Writing files... will be displayed
    • The Installer will complete
      • You will receive a message indicating that the installation was successful
      • Click the Close button
    • The Get Started with Office 2011 screen will open
      • Click Sign in to an existing Office 365 subscription
    • The Sign In screen will open
      • In the User ID field, enter your County of Kent's
      • Enter your County of Kent's password
      • If you want to remain logged in, check the box beside, "Keep me signed in" 
      • Click the Sign in button
    • The Activate Office screen will open
      • In the User ID field, enter your
      • In the Password field, enter your USERID password
      • Click the Sign In button
    • The Help Improve Microsoft Office screen will open
      • In the Keep Office for Mac up to date? section, select Yes
      • Click the Continue button
    • The Complete screen will open
      • Your are now ready to use Office for the Mac
      • Click the Done button