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Diversity & Inclusion
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Cultural Insight Council

Kent County's primary vehicle for advancing diversity and inclusion in the workplace is the Cultural Insight Council (CIC). Formed in January 2001, the CIC is a self-directed, interdepartmental work group sponsored by the County Administrator/Controller's Office. The council is comprised of employees of diverse backgrounds, representing all levels of the organization.

Our Mission

To act as a catalyst to foster a culture which recognizes, accepts and values the individual differences of its employees and is responsive to the changing needs of our diverse community.

Our Vision

To have a culture where employees understand, value and sustain diversity and inclusion.

Council Members

Anna Agosa Health Department
Kim Alexander Public Works
Jill Bancheri Human Resources
Chris Becker Prosecuting Attorney's Office
Teresa Branson Health Department
Calvin Brinks Fiscal Services
Wayman Britt Administrator's Office
Matthew Budd Juvenile Detention
Michelle Burt Fiscal Services
Ingrid Cardenas Health Department
Shanna Christie Human Resources
Sonya Dean County Clerk's Office
Anthony Edozie Juvenile Detention
Sangeeta Ghosh Administrator's Office
Helen Gutierrez Kent/MSU Cooperative Extension
Jon Hess Sheriff's Department
Meghan Kirby Circuit Court Services
Linda Likely Community Development & Housing
Michael Loxterman Information Technology
Stacy McGinnis Juvenile Detention
Lynette Pearson Circuit Court - Family Division
Lisa Plowman Sheriff's Department
Darius Quinn Human Resources
Rebecca Ramirez-Barnes  Circuit Court - Family Division
Ruben Ramos Health Department
Cynthia Robinson Information Technology
Elissa Soto Public Works
Julie Taylor Health Department
Kathleen VanderWeert Circuit Court - Family Division
Dan Villalobos Department of Aeronautics


1. To create a culture of inclusion where all employees are able to succeed and are valued for their contributions to the efficient functioning of Kent County Government. Establishing a culture of inclusion will assist Kent County in maximizing its operational effectiveness, as it is our belief that team members are more willing and able to contribute when they are valued for their contributions and included in their organization's progress.

2. To promote cultural understanding among our employees that will assist them in fulfilling the County's mission of effectively serving the needs of our diverse community. It is our belief that by possessing a greater understanding of the cultures within our community and within our workplace, County employees are better equipped to maintain and enhance positive employee relationships between employees of diverse backgrounds.

3. To promote and encourage workforce diversity at all levels of the organization.

4. Ensure that the public we serve receives services in a culturally sensitive manner.

Past Events and Tributes



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Economic Diversity

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Diversity & Inclusion

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Dutch Poster

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