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Military Discharge Request Form

There is no charge for a veteran (defined below) to register a military discharge (DD214). If someone other than an eligible person is making the request and the DD214 is 70 years old (from first discharge date), a certified copy is $1.00.

  • When registering, please bring in your original discharge papers issued at time of discharge.
  • The veteran will receive one certified copy of the DD214 at the time it is registered.
  • Only an eligible person can receive a copy of a DD214 (Request Form):
    • Veteran
    • Person with veteran's written permission
    • Heir (documentation required)*
    • Veteran's service officer

    Veteran = According to MCL 35.61, a “veteran” is defined, in part, as one “…who was discharged … under honorable conditions.”
* If the veteran is deceased, an heir can obtain a copy of the military discharge by presenting a copy of the death certificate and proof of relationship to the veteran (e.g., birth certificate, marriage license).

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To obtain a copy of your DD214 report from the military, visit the Veterans Administration.

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