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Circuit Court Filing Fees

To file a lawsuit in the Circuit Court, prepare a Complaint (identifying the cause of action and the parties involved) and a Summons, and bring both to the Clerk's Office with copies. The Clerk will then "open" your case by assigning a number and a judge, issuing the summons, and collecting the filing fee. The original of every paper connected with the case is thereafter filed with the Court Clerk.

The constitution guarantees each person charged with a crime the right to be tried by a jury. There is, however, no automatic right to a jury trial in civil cases. Civil trials are conducted by the judge without a jury unless a demand for a jury trial is made at the beginning of the lawsuit. The jury fee is due when the demand is filed.

The fees charged in connection with a lawsuit are as follows, and are due at the time that the pleading is filed:


Beginning March 1, 2016, MCL 600.1986 requires a $25 “electronic filing system fee” in addition to the filing fee required to commence a civil action except when the filing party is a governmental entity or is entitled to a fee waiver. The Circuit Court will collect the $25 fee, in addition to the $150 filing fee, for any civil action filed on or after March 1, 2016.

Filing Fees

Filing Fee for new case


Electronic Filing System Fee - required when filing a civil action. MCL 600.1986.  


Additional Filing Fee for New Case Involving Custody or Parenting Time


Additional Filing Fee for New Case Involving Child Support


Jury Demand


Discovery Subpoena Fee


Motion Fee


Additional Motion Fee for Post-Judgment Motion to Modify Final Determination on Custody or Parenting Time


Additional Motion Fee for Post-Judgment Motion to Modify Final Determination on Child Support


Appeal to Circuit Court


Appeal from Circuit Court to the Court of Appeals


Writs of Garnishment or Execution


Debtor's Exam


Certified Copies


Filiation (Paternity) Fee



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